How to Choose and Replace Toyota Tacoma Windshield Wipers

The Importance of Replacing Toyota Tacoma Windshield Wipers


When was the last time you thought about your windshield wipers? Chances are, it’s been a while. However, as soon as your wiper blades start failing, they become a safety concern and diminish visibility on your windshield. This is why it’s crucial to replace your Toyota Tacoma windshield wipers regularly.

Choosing the Best Windshield Wipers for Your Toyota Tacoma

Selecting the right wiper blades for your Toyota Tacoma is essential for optimal performance. While there are many options available, it’s recommended to go for the original Toyota Tacoma wipers or high-quality aftermarket blades. Here are our top three picks for aftermarket wiper blades:

1. Bosch Icon 20in Beam Wiper Blade: Priced at $27.99, this wiper blade offers excellent performance and durability.
2. Rain X AdvantEdge 20in Beam Wiper Blade: As the runner-up, this blade costs $36.99 and provides reliable performance.
3. Duralast 22in Conventional Wiper Blade: For those on a budget, this blade comes at a price of $14.99 while still delivering satisfactory results.

Before making a purchase, ensure that you know the blade size that fits your specific Toyota Tacoma model. Refer to the size guide provided below for assistance.

Toyota Tacoma Wiper Blade Size Guide

(Model Year – Driver Side – Passenger Side – Rear)
– 2004: 17″ – 17″ – N/A
– 2005: 22″ – 21″ – N/A
– 2006: 22″ – 21″ – N/A
– 2007: 22″ – 21″ – N/A
– 2008: 22″ – 21″ – N/A
– 2009: 22″ – 21″ – N/A
– 2010: 22″ – 21″ – N/A
– 2011: 22″ – 21″ – N/A
– 2012: 22″ – 21″ – N/A
– 2013: 22″ – 21″ – N/A
– 2014: 22″ – 21″ – N/A
– 2015: 22″ – 21″ – N/A
– 2016: 22″ – 20″ – N/A
– 2017: 22″ – 20″ – N/A
– 2018: 22″ – 20″ – N/A
– 2019: 22″ – 20″ – N/A
– 2020: 22″ – 20″ – N/A
– 2021: 22″ – 20″ – N/A
– 2022: 22″ – 20″ – N/A

How to Replace Toyota Tacoma Windshield Wipers

Why Should You Replace Your Wiper Blades?

Car experts recommend replacing Toyota Tacoma wiper blades every 12 months. However, if you live in an area with frequent rain or snow, you may need to replace them more often. On the other hand, if you reside in a drier climate, your wiper blades may last longer than a year. Regardless, replacing your wiper blades is a simple maintenance task that can be done at home.

Putting Your Wipers in Service Position

To begin the replacement process, you’ll need to put your wipers in the service position. This step is essential because Tacoma wiper blades are recessed under the bonnet. Follow these steps:

1. Turn off your engine.
2. Within 45 seconds of turning off the engine, switch the wiper mode to mist position and hold it for at least two seconds. This action will move the blades into the service position.
3. After replacing the blades, activate the wipers to return them to their normal resting position.

Replacing the Wiper Blades

Once your wiper blades are in the service position, it’s time to replace them. Follow these steps:

1. Bend the wiper blade backward at the elbow to access the release tab.
2. Press down on the release tab to remove the old blade component.
3. Slide out the old wiper blade from the blade component.
4. Insert the new blade into the groove, ensuring a snug fit.
5. Reattach the blade component to the wiper arm.
6. Test the new blades by turning on the ignition and setting your windshield wipers to MIST.
7. Repeat the process for the opposite side of your vehicle.

If your windshield wipers still don’t work properly after replacing both blades, it’s possible that the wiper arm is faulty. In this case, it’s best to consult an auto mechanic for diagnosis and repairs.

FAQs About Toyota Tacoma Windshield Wipers

Q1: How often should I replace my Toyota Tacoma windshield wipers?

A1: It is recommended to replace your Tacoma wiper blades every 12 months. However, frequent rain or snowfall may require more frequent replacements.

Q2: Can I replace Toyota Tacoma wiper blades myself?

A2: Yes, replacing wiper blades on a Toyota Tacoma is a simple task that can be done at home with a new set of blades and a few minutes of your time.

Q3: Can I use aftermarket wiper blades instead of the original Toyota Tacoma blades?

A3: Yes, aftermarket wiper blades are a good alternative if you prefer something other than the original Toyota blades. Just make sure to choose high-quality blades for optimal performance.

Q4: How do I determine the correct wiper blade size for my Tacoma?

A4: Use the size guide provided in this article to find the appropriate wiper blade size for your specific Toyota Tacoma model and year.

Q5: Should I consult a mechanic if my new wiper blades still don’t work?

A5: If your new wiper blades are not functioning correctly, it may indicate a problem with the wiper arm. In this case, it is advisable to visit an auto mechanic for further diagnosis and repairs.

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