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Are you searching for a top-quality oil change service near you? Or perhaps you need a new oil filter? Our primary goal is to ensure that your vehicle gets the appropriate oil change at a competitive price. Be it synthetic or conventional oil, our skilled technicians will suggest the most suitable oil type for your car, in line with your manufacturer’s recommendations and your personal schedule. Moreover, signing up for our rewards program grants you access to Free Towing! Discover the ultimate oil change packages and current deals to make your vehicle maintenance both convenient and affordable.

Comprehensive Oil Change Packages and Exclusive Coupons

Conducting an oil change on your own can be cumbersome. Our attractive oil change offers and tire packages make it cost-effective to delegate this task to professionals. Browse our locations or contact your nearest center to learn about ongoing promotions and deals. Experience the ease and affordability of our top-notch oil change services.

Exceptional Local Oil Change Services

A well-functioning engine comprises numerous moving parts that require adequate lubrication to prevent damage. The engine oil plays a crucial role in providing this essential service. However, over time, the oil deteriorates and accumulates contaminants such as dust, dirt, and debris. As a result, the oil loses its effectiveness, and an oil change becomes necessary to maintain optimal engine performance.

Our certified technicians carefully consider your vehicle’s make, model, condition, and mileage before suggesting the appropriate oil change. We provide synthetic blend, high mileage, and full synthetic oil change packages tailored to your car’s specific requirements. All our packages include a tire pressure check, fluid top-off, tire rotation, visual brake inspection, standard oil filter, and a comprehensive 23-point assessment.

Quick and Convenient Oil Changes at Firestone

Routine maintenance, including regular oil changes, is essential to ensure the smooth operation of your vehicle. At Firestone Complete Auto Care, our experienced technicians carry out over six million oil changes annually, ensuring quick and accurate service every time. Explore the finest oil change alternatives for you and your vehicle.

Full-Service Oil Change: The Ultimate Experience

When you opt for an oil change at Firestone Complete Auto Care, you can expect a detailed inspection and a meticulous job. Our technicians perform a 19-point assessment for each oil change, helping your engine run like new for longer. Choose a full-service oil change for the highest level of care, which includes:

  1. Replacing your vehicle’s motor oil with the best quality full synthetic oil, synthetic blend oil, or high mileage motor oil, depending on your vehicle, climate, and driving habits
  2. Swapping and recycling your car’s used oil and oil filter
  3. Examining your car’s cabin filter, air filter, and other relevant filters
  4. Conducting a thorough courtesy inspection of the vehicle, including checking vehicle lights, battery life, and more
  5. Topping off window washer fluid and verifying the levels of other vital fluids

Explore our diverse options to find the ideal oil type for your car, truck, or SUV.

Common Oil Change Questions

  1. What is Synthetic Oil?

    Synthetic oil, derived from petroleum or synthetic-base stocks, is designed to offer advanced protection against engine stress factors like heat, friction, and deposits.

  2. What is Conventional Oil?

    Conventional oil, made from petroleum base stocks, provides adequate protection due to its refining process. Compared to synthetic oil, it is more likely to thin at high temperatures and thicken at low temperatures.

  3. What's the Difference Between Synthetic and Conventional Oil?

    Synthetic and conventional oils differ in base oil types and additives used during formulation.

  4. Where Can I Get an Oil Change Near Me?

    Nearly any automotive shop can provide oil change services. All Goodyear Auto Service locations offer top-quality oil change solutions. To locate a service center near you, visit our find a service center page and schedule an appointment.

  5. Why are Oil Changes Important?

    Regular oil changes are the key to a long-lasting and healthy vehicle-engine relationship. They extend the life of your vehicle and enhance its performance by keeping the engine clean and free from dirt and debris, reducing its workload. Oil changes also protect your engine against future rust, wear, and corrosion.

  6. When Should I Get My First Oil Change?

    Most oil change recommendations are based on “normal” driving conditions. However, many drivers fall under the “severe” driving conditions category, which includes stop-and-go traffic, short trips of less than 5 miles, extreme temperatures, towing, carrying roof cargo systems, and coastal or mountain driving. Considering these factors, we suggest consulting your owner's manual for specific guidelines tailored to your driving conditions.

  7. How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

    Vehicles driven under mild conditions can cover more miles before requiring an oil change. Nonetheless, many people drive in “severe” conditions such as stop-and-go traffic, short trips of less than 5 miles, extreme temperatures, towing or roof cargo systems, and coastal or mountain driving. In these cases, we recommend referring to your owner's manual for specific guidance based on your driving conditions.

  8. What Does an Oil Change Do?

    An oil change typically involves replacing all the engine oil in the vehicle and the oil filter. This process helps remove accumulated contaminants and restores the additives in your engine's oil.

  9. How Does an Oil Change Help My Car?

    Over time, motor oil deteriorates and becomes less effective at lubricating, cleaning, and cooling engine parts. An oil change eliminates contaminants from your oil, ensuring that your engine and its components operate safely and smoothly.

  10. What is a High-Mileage Oil Change?

    A high-mileage oil change uses petroleum or synthetic-based oils containing ingredients specifically designed to care for older engines. These ingredients, such as conditioners, seal swells, antioxidants, detergents, and wear or friction additives, help prevent the four major causes of engine damage: leaks, deposits, sludge, and friction.

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