How do I get water stains off of my dashboard?

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow do I get water stains off of my dashboard?
Jocelyn Stone asked 2 years ago

I left my window open a few days ago and got a little rain in my car. No biggie, but now I have dried water stains all over the dashboard and plastic bits of my car. What is the best way to clean it?

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Yigit AKSÜT Staff answered 2 years ago

If you find water stains on your dashboard, there's no need to worry! There are a few simple ways to clean them up quickly and easily.

One option is to purchase car wipes or sprays from reliable brands like Armourall or Meguiar's. Just a quick spray and wipe down will do the trick.

Or, for a more natural solution, mix equal parts water and white vinegar in a spray bottle and spritz the dashboard. Wipe with a towel until the stain is gone. Easy peasy!

Keep in mind that if you find more extensive water damage in your car, your comprehensive coverage will likely provide protection for this type of loss.

So there's no need to stress if you accidentally leave your window open in the rain - just grab some vinegar and water and give your dashboard a quick once-over. Your car will look good as new in no time!