Infiniti Lug Pattern Guide

Why Knowing Your Infiniti’s Lug Pattern is Important

Knowing the exact lug pattern of your Infiniti is crucial when it comes to installing new rims or wheels. If your current rims are worn out or if you’re planning to upgrade, understanding your Infiniti’s lug pattern is essential. In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information about Infiniti’s lug patterns and how they can help you make informed decisions. Additionally, we will also share tips on how to save on Infiniti insurance costs.

Understanding Lug Patterns

A lug pattern, also known as a “bolt pattern,” refers to the number of bolt holes or lugs on your car’s wheels and their spacing. Lug patterns are typically represented by two numbers, such as 5×4.5. The first number indicates the number of lug holes, while the second number represents the diameter of the circle in which the holes are arranged. For example, a lug pattern of 5×4.5 means there are 5 bolt holes arranged in a circular pattern with a 4.5-inch diameter.

Importance of Knowing Your Infiniti’s Lug Pattern

If you don’t know the exact lug pattern of your Infiniti, you won’t be able to choose rims or wheels that will fit. It’s essential to have this information when making any changes or upgrades to your vehicle’s wheels.

Infiniti Lug Pattern Guide

To assist you in finding the correct lug pattern for your Infiniti, we have compiled a comprehensive guide containing information about the lug patterns of popular Infiniti models. The table below includes details such as the OEM wheel size, lug pattern, offset, stud size, and hub/center bore measurements. Please refer to it for accurate information regarding your Infiniti model.

| Model | OEM Wheel Size | Lug Pattern | Offset | Stud Size | Hub/Center Bore |
| 2014-2021 Infiniti QX50 | 17″-22″ | 5×4.50″ | H | 12×1.25 | 66.1 |
| 2014-2022 Infiniti Q50 | 17″-20″ | 5×4.50″ | H | 12×1.25 | 66.1 |
| 2014-2022 Infiniti Q60 | 18″-20″ | 5×4.50″ | H | 12×1.25 | 66.1 |
| 2014-2017 Infiniti QX80 | 20″-22″ | 6×5.50″ | M | 14×1.5 | 78.1 |
| 2018-2022 Infiniti QX80 | 20″-22″ | 6×5.50″ | M | 14×1.5 | 77.8 |

Understanding Lug Pattern Terminology

If you’re new to rims, wheels, or lug patterns, some of the terms mentioned above might be unfamiliar. Let’s clarify a few key terms:

– OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which refers to the original specifications and measurements of a vehicle when it leaves the factory.
– OEM wheel size represents the diameter of your Infiniti’s original wheels.
– Lug pattern or “bolt pattern” indicates the number of lug holes and the diameter of the circle they form.
– Offset is the distance from the mounting surface to the center of the rim and can be negative or positive depending on how the wheels are positioned.
– Stud size measures the diameter and threads per inch of the stud. This is usually written as two numbers (e.g., 1/2×20).
– Center bore refers to the opening at the center of the wheel.

How to Measure Your Infiniti’s Lug Pattern

If your Infiniti model is not mentioned in the table above, you can measure the lug pattern yourself. It’s a simple process that requires a ruler or measuring tape.

1. Count the number of lugs on your wheel. Most Infinitis have either five or six lugs.
2. Measure the diameter of the circle formed by the lugs. Use the measuring tape and measure from the center of the wheel to the outer edge of one of the lugs. Multiply this measurement by 2, and you’ll have the diameter of the circle.
3. For example, if you count 5 lugs and the diameter measures 6 inches, your lug pattern would be 5×6.

Finding Affordable Infiniti Insurance

Now that you have the necessary information about your Infiniti’s lug pattern, you can confidently replace your rims or wheels. While you’re taking care of your car’s maintenance, it’s also a good time to review your car insurance policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is it important to know my Infiniti’s lug pattern?

Knowing your Infiniti’s lug pattern is crucial when you want to install new rims or wheels. If you don’t have this information, you won’t be able to select the appropriate size and fit for your vehicle.

2. How do I measure my Infiniti’s lug pattern?

To measure your Infiniti’s lug pattern, count the number of lugs and measure the diameter of the circle formed by the lugs using a ruler or measuring tape.

3. Can I find the lug pattern information for my specific Infiniti model?

Yes, we have provided a comprehensive lug pattern guide in this article. However, if your Infiniti model is not listed, you can measure the lug pattern yourself following the instructions mentioned earlier.

4. What other factors should I consider when replacing my Infiniti’s rims or wheels?

In addition to the lug pattern, you should also consider factors such as wheel size, offset, stud size, and hub/center bore measurements to ensure a proper fit for your Infiniti.

5. How can Jerry help me find affordable Infiniti insurance?

Jerry is a car insurance comparison app that allows you to compare quotes from multiple carriers. By using Jerry, you can easily find affordable Infiniti insurance that meets your coverage needs, potentially saving you a significant amount of money.

6. Can I trust the quotes provided by Jerry?

Yes, Jerry partners with reputable insurance carriers. The quotes provided through Jerry are accurate and reliable, helping you find the best insurance coverage at the most affordable price.

7. Can I switch my insurance policy through Jerry?

Yes, Jerry makes it easy to switch insurance policies. Once you find a quote that suits your needs, Jerry can assist you in transitioning to your new insurance policy hassle-free.

8. Is Jerry available for other car makes and models?

Yes, Jerry is available for all car makes and models, allowing you to find affordable insurance options regardless of the vehicle you own.

9. How long does it take to set up insurance through Jerry?

Many users can complete the entire setup process in less than half an hour. Jerry’s user-friendly interface makes it quick and seamless to find and switch insurance policies.

10. Can I trust the customer reviews and ratings for Jerry?

Absolutely! The Jerry app has received a 4.7/5 rating on the App Store and is trusted by over 5 million customers with 7 million cars. The positive customer reviews speak to Jerry’s effectiveness in finding affordable insurance options.

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