How do I know if I need to change my Ford F-150 transmission fluid?

As truck owners, particularly those who frequently tow and haul, monitoring transmission fluid levels is crucial. In this article, we’ll discuss when and how to check the transmission fluid in your Ford F-150, helping you determine if a fluid change is necessary.

Ford F-150 Transmission Services at Coggin Deland Ford

Coggin Deland Ford offers an array of Ford F-150 transmission services, including:

  • Transmission Repair
  • Transmission Filter Replacement
  • Transmission Fluid Change
  • Transmission Restoration
  • Transmission Flush
  • Comprehensive Ford F-150 Transmission Service: gasket, flush, fluid change, filter replacement, hose and pan inspection, and a free multi-point inspection on all other components.

Our technicians at Coggin Deland Ford are OEM certified and specialize in Ford F-150 transmission repair. Check out our service department reviews online to see why thousands of Ford F-150 owners trust us for quick, affordable, and reliable auto repair.

Ford F-150 Transmission Filter Essentials

Replacing your Ford F-150 transmission filter is more complex than changing other filters in your vehicle. The transmission filter comprises several parts, including the filter itself, typically a metal plate with a fiber material that traps contaminants. Your Ford F-150 will also have a pickup tube, gasket, and rubber seal that may need replacement along with the filter. Replace your Ford F-150 transmission filter every 30,000 or 50,000 miles, referring to your vehicle’s maintenance guide for specific mileage and time intervals. For expert advice, contact Coggin Deland Ford. We also offer monthly transmission service coupons, including filter and fluid specials. Check our service specials and parts specials for more information.

Importance of Ford F-150 Transmission Fluid Changes

Transmission fluid changes in Ford F-150 vehicles are essential to maintain a healthy and lubricated transmission. Failing to change fluids at least every 30,000 miles may result in transmission slippage. Consult your car’s owner’s manual for specific mileage intervals for fluid replacement. Coggin Deland Ford provides various transmission fluid specials, and you can schedule transmission service online to save even more. If you need help with fluid levels, pricing, or finding a service center, call us at 3862100247 for assistance from our service advisors.

Ford F-150 Transmission Flush Explained

A transmission flush generally costs twice as much as a fluid change due to the service duration and the flush’s ability to remove fluid from cooler lines and other transmission parts. A Ford F-150 transmission flush uses about 10 quarts of fluid to clean and flush the entire system.

Deciding Between a Transmission Fluid Change or Transmission Flush

A transmission flush is necessary if your system contains dirt or debris. If the fluid is extremely dark or contains sediments, we recommend a complete system flush instead of merely changing the fluid. To have one of our Ford F-150 technicians inspect your transmission fluid, book your transmission service online or call Coggin Deland Ford at 3862100247.

Ford F-150 Transmission Cost Considerations

A new Ford F-150 transmission may cost over $3,500, depending on the vehicle. However, transmission services such as fluid changes and transmission fluid flushes are significantly cheaper, sometimes costing less than $150. These services are vital for prolonging your Ford F-150 transmission’s life. Coggin Deland Ford offers various transmission repair specials and transmission parts discounts. Call 3862100247 or schedule an appointment online to learn more.

Ford F-150 Automatic vs Manual Transmission Fluids

Automatic and manual transmissions typically require different fluids. Automatic transmission fluids are generally thinner and red or green in color. Manual transmission fluid, or gear oil, is thicker due to additives and other compounds necessary for lubricating the gearbox and other components. Manual transmissions experience higher friction environments during gear changes, necessitating different lubricants.

The fluids for manual and automatic transmissions not only differ in composition but also in the levels of heat they endure. Automatic transmissions produce more heat, requiring more frequent fluid changes. Failing to change your Ford F-150 transmission fluid may result in metal shavings and other corrosive materials spreading throughout your vehicle’s essential components. Regularly check fluid levels between service intervals for fluid and transmission flushes. In many cases, manual transmissions lack a dipstick for checking fluid levels, making it challenging to do. Call or visit Coggin Deland Ford for more information if your transmission doesn’t have a dipstick.

Ford F-150 Transmission Replacement Options

Car transmissions are highly complex, and deciding whether to rebuild or replace a malfunctioning transmission can be exceedingly difficult. Often, the decision hinges on identifying the faulty components. During a rebuild, Coggin Deland Ford will disassemble your Ford F-150 transmission, thoroughly cleaning and inspecting each part. This process demands extensive knowledge of transmission components, repair costs, and compatibility. Our certified Ford master technicians specialize in transmissions, ensuring a swift and effective rebuild.

Although Ford F-150 transmission replacement is a simpler option, it can be more expensive in the short term. However, don’t let the price be your only consideration when seeking a transmission replacement, especially for a Ford F-150. Having the latest and most compatible parts assembled by a factory-trained master technician can save you a substantial amount of money in the long run. The best choice for you depends on your preferences and needs. Consult the service advisors at Coggin Deland Ford for guidance. We regularly offer a variety of transmission replacement specials and transmission service specials to help you save.

Identifying Ford F-150 Transmission Problems

Common warning signs that your transmission is experiencing issues include:

  1. Odd noises or grinding sounds when shifting gears, or feeling gears catching when changing them, indicating your transmission likely needs more lubricant or a more severe issue is at fault.
  2. Delayed results when your transmission shifts gears.
  3. Transmission fluid leaks, the most common sign that you need a transmission fluid change or possibly a complete flush service. Occasionally, leaks could also indicate an issue with your transmission hose.
  4. Strange smells signaling that your transmission fluid is burning inside your components.
  5. An obvious sign: your Ford F-150 transmission warning light is on.

By recognizing these warning signs and addressing them promptly, you can maintain your Ford F-150’s transmission in optimal condition. Trust the experts at Coggin Deland Ford to provide you with the necessary advice, services, and support for all your Ford F-150 transmission maintenance needs.

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